The Musical Cosmos

Welcome to The Musical Cosmos. We hope that you will enjoy our journey together. Our mission is to combine all of our inspired efforts and spread the joy of creating and sharing the Universe’s First gift to all beings.

The realization of the relevance of Music in our lives is sometimes muted. Everyday of our existence, since and before our birth, Music has been with us. Whether the Cosmos was created by The Big Bang or some other sentient being(s), there can be no doubt that a vibration was created also. And since Music can be said to be comprised of sound waves and vibrations, we actually owe our presence to Music.

In our Mother’s womb we felt her heartbeat, we heard her song and the rhythms of Life surrounding her. As soon as we are born, we sing. Every breath we have ever taken has moved the Cosmos with vibrations and sound. Music is something that binds us ALL together and this connection can never be severed.

We honor Music. It can fill our lives with joy in immeasurable ways and also comfort us when we are objected to situations that are not so happy. I am positive that if asked, we could very quickly recall a time and place when just hearing a certain melody evoked a sense of well-being in our surroundings and within our very souls. This is the power of Music and It has no Kryptonite.

As we continue on this musical voyage together, I enjoin you all to utilize this blog as a resource for your soul. Feel free to forward  articles or news items relating to the positivity of Music. Lets all share with the World our Love and appreciation for this most valuable and infinite gift. The gift of Music.


Peace, Love and Music